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Red Noise Management specializes in Artist Representation, encompassing the entirety of the Artist Management Team in one firm. 

We only work with local level GTA or Ottawa-based groups, and limit our individual rosters to be certain that each act receives the time, attention and resources they need. 


Our mission is to ensure our artists succeed and reach their fullest potential in the Music Industry. Our team members and partnering companies or individuals specialize in every aspect of Music Business with the experience and skills required in order to reach this goal.

The Red Noise Management team does it all. We take care of the business aspect of playing in a band because we want our artists to do what they do best, perform.

You create music, we create opportunity

public relations

Public Relations can arguably be considered the most important service we offer as part of the Artist's Management Team.

This includes the building of the Artist's EPK (Electronic Press Kit) which is the artists professional online music resume, preparation of Press Releases and Campaigns for new projects such as music or music videos, organization and supervision of media exposure including promotional releases, radio airplay, interviews, reviews, and show coverage.

Having a PR Agent isn't something that musicians usually consider when pursuing and obtaining a management team, but it's an essential aspect that helps build the Artist's public image, brand awareness, and persona as being both professional and serious about their career.


Booking Agents are responsible for negotiating and organizing all events and appearances relating to live performance.

This includes the negotiation of show guarantees and performance riders with promoters sending show offers, seeking out and obtaining opportunities for shows and festivals independent artists wouldn't have otherwise, and having a sense of security in performing knowing that promises will be fulfilled as they were pre negotiated through official representation.

Bookings are usually taken care of by local level Artists personally, however having a designated Booking Agent adds an appearance of professionalism that is incomparable to acting independently.


Brand Building and Social Media Management are are essential to creating a professional online presence for professional musicians.

We offer our artists a personal and customized EPK and website hosted by the company. An EPK is your professional music resume that promoters, talent buyers, and media publications, use to understand who you are as an artist, what you’ve done, and what you bring to the table. An effective EPK is crucial to obtaining career making performance opportunities, and to making an impact - standing out in a scene with no shortage of talent.

Without taking away creative control from artists, their Management Team simply create and curate content, adding to and polishing the Artist's existing online personality.

touring and promotion

Touring is the main source of income for most local level Artists. Along with booking and arranging tours for our Artists, their Representatives also manage the tour to fulfill all responsibilities on the road.

We work to book entire headlining promotional tours for our Artists, including securing media opportunities in cities other than their own, promoting the tour dates with advertising and media opportunities, and booking shows with complimentary acts in order to grow their following. In addition to this we work to seek out and secure support opportunities with more established acts. 

From the most simple tasks such as running doors and selling merch, to organizing transportation, settling shows and supervising all aspects of the event - we handle it all so our Artists can focus on performing.

Our Team



Toronto, ON
United Kingdom​

Artist Management
Public Relations



Ottawa, ON

Artist Management
Public Relations



Toronto, ON

Tour Management

Heading 4

Our Partners


Agoria Productions

Toronto, ON​

Merchandise Production
Event Promotion



Madeleine Aimée

Canadian Beats Media

Toronto, ON

Media Rep


Leo Montero
Canadian Beats Media

Toronto, ON

Media Rep


Dex Piecowye

Noble Studios

Toronto, ON
Sound Engineering

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