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Toronto, ON

TV Dinner has become a force to be reckoned with in the Toronto indie scene. The five-piece post-punk act create a unique alternative sound with melodic guitar and powerhouse leading vocals. 

With only one EP under their belt, “First Bite” released in 2019, TV Dinner has already amassed a loyal following in their hometown having played respected venues including the Horseshoe Tavern and the Grand Gerrard Theatre. Members Alyssa Baldassarre, Xavier Tadeo, Nick Corcoran, Luke Romaniw and Lenin Jimenez are just getting started with big plans to play to bigger audiences in bigger cities.

Moderate/Alternative Rock
Toronto, ON

Sweater Puppies create a genre-defining sound that has made them an artist to watch in Indie Music. They combine alternative, indie pop, surf rock and post-punk sounds to make their music their own. 


With the band beginning as a two-piece in London consisting of Miguel Luzuriaga on drums and Nick Corcoran on guitar and vocals, Sweater Puppies has transitioned into a local Toronto act with the addition of members Jason Accardo on bass and Matias Gonzalez on guitar.


The band released one EP in 2019 titled, “Headspace” and is set to release their second in 2020 having released the first single off the EP, “Mayhaps” in March. Sweater Puppies are ones to watch in the new year, with new music and projects always in the works.


Indie Rock
Toronto, ON

Frankie the Pig is one of the most prominent Indie Pop groups winning over the hearts of the Toronto Rock Scene. Their fun loving attitude and demeanor translates into their music to create a memorable sound that their fans find relatable and reminds them of the best things in life.

The group first formed in high school and grew up together as both people and musicians, collectively drawing from the same influences when writing and performing their songs. Their single “Junk” introduced the band to their local Toronto music scene, receiving their radio play premiere on Indie 88. The act are well known fan favourites to a generous fanbase in Toronto, and have gained a respectable online following with the streams to match.

Following the success of their debut EP, "Deuce Everything" released in 2018, Frankie the Pig is planning to record their follow up release and looking forward to touring across Canada, bringing the catchy pop tunes featured on Deuce Everything and their new tracks with them.

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